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Joshlegend posted Sep 20 '19 at 11:23 am
have been asking for assignment but it has not been sent to my email

kinobasi57 posted Sep 19 '19 at 12:23 pm
This is just so wrong!

Why was I given an article without complete instructions, and was later contacted several days after my submission with another instruction that will lead to a complete rewrite of the already submitted article?

I wouldn't deliver anything that you aren't looking for. I wouldn't waste my time writing an article that will be rejected.

I wrote a good article for
recent by Klein  ·  Sep 19 '19 at 2:20 pm
ibukuntemii671 posted Aug 30 '19 at 9:12 am
Hello Everyone,

I am excited to joined this platform this morning. And would love to be guided on how this forum works, request for my first assignment, know what I am supposed to evaluated on and my next step.

recent by Klein  ·  Sep 9 '19 at 8:04 am
I submitted an article over three days ago and till now it has not been approved.
This really upsets and baffles me. Obviously, it will take longer. I think approval should not be more than two days, and if for any reason it would be extended, the writer should be notified.
The duration for approval should, however be stated beforehand so as not to keep users in unnecessary suspense.
recent by Klein  ·  Aug 26 '19 at 8:06 am
I have trouble tracking how much I have made over the week. The email messages about modifications and accepted submissions doesn't help much. Modification requests immediately affect the "Pending Approval" balance, but upon modification and acceptance, the balance doesn't change. I made two accepted modifications this week and had to analyse the email messages to see how much I should be paid -
recent by Klein  ·  Aug 20 '19 at 6:24 am
tifetola263 posted Aug 15 '19 at 1:45 pm
I think you guys should be detailed while assigning work. Wrote an assignment (623) on resources. I concentrated on natural resources. Only to check my mail this afternoon and seeing modification request that the assignment should based on financial resources.

Next time, try to provide more details about d assignment, not telling us strories that we are already aware of

recent by Klein  ·  Aug 15 '19 at 2:04 pm
Klein posted Aug 10 '19 at 9:00 am
Hello Scribes,

Due to the bulk payments we've had to make this week, we have to carry over this week's payment for some writers to Monday next week. We will complete article reviews by today's end.

We sincerely apologise for all the inconveniences this may cause.

You can continue to request for assignments.

Happy writing!

recent by Klein  ·  Aug 13 '19 at 11:21 pm
I've been wondering who has "right" to rejected assignments? Once an assignment is "rejected" it means it's below standard or has not met the "requirement" for an acceptable post or article. In my opinion, "rejected assignments" remain the sole owner of the original writer - the writer who wrote the article that was rejected.

I wrote four articles for you hoping to get 2k, but you'll reject
recent by Klein  ·  Aug 12 '19 at 7:12 pm
priscillaedosa573 posted Aug 9 '19 at 6:03 pm
Some of my assignments have been approved for over a week, but I have not received any payment. When will I be paid?

Hi Everyone,
I am new year and just requested for my first assignment, which I understand would not be paid for. After putting in a request, I have searched everywhere on my account and dashboard to no avail. I have decided to ask in the forum so I could be guided in the right direction.
Thanks for your help.

recent by Klein  ·  Aug 5 '19 at 1:53 pm
Klein posted Aug 2 '19 at 3:53 pm
Dear Scribe,

Thanks to you, our incredible community of talented writers, we continue to grow at an unbelievable pace. Many of our clients are very satisfied and have sent in additional orders, and we currently have an unacceptable backlog.

We need to ask you for your help. We have developed an enormous backlog and turnaround times have become unacceptable for many of our clients. We are
Hello guys,

Firstly, I apologise for the recent drop in activity and unavailability of assignments to writers. We do have jobs for you but unfortunately, we can't disburse them at this time.

As you all recall, we had countless complaints regarding submission of assignments and expiration of modified assignments amongst other technical issues. This has caused a backlog and affected the fl
recent by Klein  ·  Aug 2 '19 at 3:26 pm
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