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Hi, I just got on the platform, wrote and submitted my test content with much time to spare, got a mail saying it has been approved and that I can go ahead with the request for paid assignments but I can't do that if assignments are being uploaded when you want them. After all, you can't withdraw at the ATM, when the system guy is filling it with money every time you are there. What's up scribes?
Dear Admin, I signed up at Scribes bay last week. My first assignment was completed and accepted. It was a test template to check my writing and it was non paid. I got it easily but afterwards I haven't gotten. I tried today now, its saying assignments are being uploaded, I should check back soon. That I did but it is still same. When will I get more assignments and begin to get paid. Please re
chidinmaprom2017837 posted May 18 at 3:18 am
I requested for an assignment, nothing came. I tried requesting again, I was told to finish the first. I'm not seeing anything at all. How can I finish something I didn't get?

priscillaedosa573 posted Aug 9 '19 at 6:03 pm
Some of my assignments have been approved for over a week, but I have not received any payment. When will I be paid?

bjstardom06192 posted Jun 21 '19 at 9:58 am
Hello Admin,

I am writing this with sadness of heart as I feel cheated by your platform.

I was given an evaluation assignment on my dashboard, I did it and submitted through the platform. A notice of modification was sent to me, but when I tried to submit the modified article, your website was having technical issues and time was running down.

I made this known to you via support emai
shaydizzle96380 posted May 28 '19 at 10:38 am
Good day, last week after requesting for an assignment, I tried submitting it but I kept getting an error message. But was instructed to submit my assignment at submissions@scribesbay.com for verification which I did before my time expired. Later I got a message that my assignment time has expired.
Till date no reply..

recent by Klein  ·  Jun 10 '19 at 6:50 pm
Hello Admin,
Please I think we deserve to know how long it will take us to keep waiting concerning the issue of we are currently uploading assignments, check back soon that is always displayed when you request for new assignment. Because this is taking forever to resolve as you know time they say is money. Earlier the better to save your scribes.

myprogig337 posted May 29 '19 at 8:47 pm
I haven't been given an assignment since i signed up to this platform.

However, i logged in today to check if i have been given an assignment only for me to see this below.

Not allowed! Assignment ID 379 has not been completed. Please submit a previously assigned assignment before requesting another.

I can't find that ID or assignment on my dashboard.

Please, kindly look into it.
Good day, I submitted my assignment ID 319 with the topic on most scary disease that affects humans on 21st/05/2019 at about 2:00am successfully and got a reply that it has been accepted on 22nd/05/2019 at about 8:01am but to my utmost surprise it did not reflect in my available on my dashboard and have not been paid. Have sent several mails regarding this but no reply was made.
Secondly, I wa
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